Review of the Rock River Arms AR10 Model 308A1279
Best 7.62 AR style firearm at the best price, Review of the RRA LAR-8 Model 308A1279 Rock River Arms Weapon

What is it pеорlе reallу think of whеn they thіnk “Pіg huntіng rіfle”? Fоrget about your Grandfаtherѕ rіfle, ѕeems like thingѕ are еvоlvіng and thе AR stуlе іѕ thе rіfle deѕіred for Pіgѕ. Recеntly I at laѕt bоught mу pеrѕоnal RRA AR10 Mоdel 308A1279 Roсk Rіvеr Armѕ Stаndаrd Opеrаtor through my neighborhood tranѕfеr dеalеr. Intrоducіng thе LAR-8 Rіfle from Rock Rivеr Armѕ аnd my rеvіеw of thіs finе fіrearm. A Pig hunters drеаm.

Long gone are the days when LAR-8 rifle are 5.56 only. The 7.62 AR-rifle is what Eugene Stoner envisioned from the start. So, are we moving ahead with a .308 AR or are we going back to the starting point?

I set 5.56 to the side and selected .308 based on the power punch I needed for hunting. New from RRA, how about a 7.62 firearm that functions like an AR? There will always be those that want to a lighter round and the argument will go on forever. However in this review, you will find the choice is clear and in favor of the .308 to knock down the biggest of Hogs.

My Rock River Arms Standard .308, fresh from the Rock River Arms manufacturing facility. It is a 7.62 and heavier that its lighter counterpart 5.56, but balanced well. A fine firearm indeed tricked out with a Operator A2 stock. The Half-Quad hand guard offers a comfortable smooth area and a handy a forward rail system for lights, lasers etc. Without a doubt a very well thought out hand guard configuration.

The flip-up front sight is a well-built unit with stout ears protecting the adjustable front post. Quality looks to be the name of the game for this rifles iron sights. There is one on each side of the barrel and one below allowing you to mount any sort of sling system you would like.

Beneath the forward sight is a one-inch section of picatinny rail in case you need it. There was just enough room on the rail under the sight for a laser and I also added a Harris bipod. The bipod mount easily and flipped forward like a charm. But to tell you the truth, when it is all said and done, the rifle without the rear sight will give you flexibility.

The rifle came packaged in a sturdy carry case. Case really did not matter, I am all about the weapon and the case matters not.

Rapid fie is not a problem for this firearm. In this case, let’s say five would be the minimum.

Aside from weight, there is virtually no difference in the AR-15 and the RRA .308. But it gets better. The RRA magazine release button is ambidextrous and can be activated from either side of the firearm and the bolt release is located at the bottom rear of the magazine well. The bolt release is an ambidextrous lever you push straight down, with your trigger finger if you like. Gone are the days of slamming a magazine home and slapping the left side of the receiver with your left hand to run the bolt forward.

For the day’s range fun I quickly mounted a Eotech on top of the Standard Operator. Quickly, as in, I set the sight on the top rail, flipped the ARMS locks and started shooting. It was dead on at 25 yards. Then still shooting offhand, I engaged the targets at 50 and 75 yards. Combat accuracy was outstanding.

This prompted me to drop a few sandbags on the bench and drop some rounds down range in an effort to see where they would fall if I was really trying to shoot a nice group. With the zero-power magnification sight aligned on the dead center of the target I rolled through the trigger press, firing as quickly as I could get the dot back on the group. Accuracy lives up to the Rock River Arms’ claim of 1.5 MOA at 100 yards. The two-stage trigger allows for perfect control and a clean break.

The Smith flash hider worked very well and the 1:10 twist ratio seemed perfect for the 168-grain ammo. Another feature I really liked was the sealed battery storage area behind the rubber butt plate of the Operator A2 stock. Each battery tube of the Operator A2 stock is also spring-loaded to make sure your batteries come out as easy as they go in.

If there is one thing to note about the .308 caliber AR-style rifles on the market, it is that parts are not universally interchangeable. Alternately the 5.56/.223 AR weapons are generally compatible for an almost endless number of parts combinations. Each maker has apparently come up with what they consider to be the best idea for some part or another with their own .308.

As stated on the RRA website, the LAR-8 uses a unique receiver thread and barrel nut. No barrel nut (either separate or as part of a tubular hand guard or quad rail hand guard) except those made specifically for the RRA LAR-8 should ever be used on an RRA LAR-8 or upper half. Use of incorrect parts may cause injury or death. So, now you know that. The parts don’t interchange with other 7.62 AR parts out there. Don’t try it.

A rifle that clearly offers power and versatility In a law enforcement capacity you will get greater range if you need it and more penetration around buildings and vehicles. Deer or hog hunting rifle, no problem, with the Standard Operator you can hit hard and fast with no debate.

Here are the features as delivered through my online retailer.

MODEL 308A1279
CALIBER 308/7.62 Chamber
UPPER Forged A4 / with Forward Assist and Port Door
BARREL 20 Inch Chrome Moly, 1:10 Twist, Cryogenically Treated
MUZZLE DEVICE Smith Vortex Flash Hider / 5/8x24 Thread
GAS BLOCK RRA Flip Front Sight Gas Block
HAND GUARD RRA LAR-8 Advanced Half Quad Free Float
PISTOL GRIP Hogue Rubber Grip
BUTTS TOCK RRA Operator A2 Stock
WEIGHT / LENGTH 10.2 Pounds / 42 inches
ACCURACY 1 MOA at 100 Yards
INCLUDED One Mag*, RRA Case, Manual, Warranty
Trigger: RRA 2 Stage Match, 4.5 lbs.
Sale Price: $1,449.00 , Retail $1,720.00

Rock River Arms Entry Rifle LAR-8 Model 308A1279 RRA Standard Operator has a list price of 1670.00. I ended up ordering it over the internet for much less. The majority of dealers in my location required list price … plus which did not set well with my financing plan. I purchased my Rock River Arms Entry Rifle AR10 Model 308A1279 RRA Standard Operator from Class 3 Weapons at a sizeable cost savings. Rock River Arms is at this time offering their .308 rifles at an aggressive price. Other Rock River Arms firearm models in 7.62 start at an incredibly economical price of $1,069.00 according to their website.

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